On this page, you can find a list of publications and contributions to conferences that are related to the CESAR research project.

Edelsbrunner, P. A., & Hofer, S. I. (2023). Unraveling the relation between representational competence and conceptual knowledge across four samples from two different countries. Frontiers in Education, 8.

Edelsbrunner, P. A., Malone, S., Hofer, S. ., Küchemann, S., Kuhn, J., Schmid, R., Altmeyer, K., Brünken, R., & Lichtenberger, A. (2023). The relation of representational competence and conceptual knowledge in female and male undergraduates. International Journal of STEM Education, 10, Article 44. Preprint available from

Küchemann, S., Malone, S., Edelsbrunner, P. A., Lichtenberger, A., Stern, E., Brünken, R., Vaterlaus, A., & Kuhn, J. (2021). An Inventory for the Assessment of Representational competence of vector fields. Physical Review Physics Education Research, 17:020126.

Warkentin, M., Altmeyer, K., Malone, S., Hoyer, C., Küchemann, S., Schmied, R., Steinmacher, B., … (2023). Förderung von Konzeptverständnis zum Elektromagnetismus mit AR. Talk at the Annual Conference of the Society for Didactics of Chemistry and Physics, Hamburg, Germany.