Who are we? Here, you can find a list with the CESAR team members, who are composed of people from the research groups on Empirical Educational Science at Saarland University, Physics Education and Education and Educational Psychology at LMU Munich, as well as Physics Education and Learning and Instruction at ETH Zurich.

Empirical Educational Science (Saarland University)

Kristin Altmeyer

Roland Brünken

Sarah Malone

Education and Educational Psychology (LMU Munich)

Sarah Hofer

Zoya Kozlova

Physics Education (LMU Munich)

Max Warkentin

Stefan Küchemann

Christoph Hoyer

Jochen Kuhn

Physics Education (ETH Zurich)

Roman Schmid

Bermann Steinmacher

Andreas Vaterlaus

Barbara Gränz

Andreas Lichtenberger

Learning and Instruction (ETH Zurich)

Elsbeth Stern

Ralph Schumacher

Peter Edelsbrunner